Berne by Night in Black And White II – photos

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Zytglogge by Night On A Rainy Day
Zytglogge by Night
Marksman Fountain
Anna Seiler Fountaint Sculpture by Night- B&W
Bundeshaus across the small alley by Night - B&W
Piper Fountain by Night - B&W
Weltpostdenkmal, Mirrord, in B&W
newly reopend and renovated Bundesterrasse by Night
Dramatic Evening Clouds above Bundeshaus in Autumn
Bundeshaus Terrace by Night
Moses Fountain Sculpture by Night
Minster Tower with Lantern by Night
Bernartiner 2017 at Münsterplattform by Night
Zähringer Fountain by Night
Peter & Palu Tower by Night
City Hall & Peter & Paul Church by Night
Night Walk Below Bundeshaus
Zytglogge Moving Figures in B&W
Zytglogge Clock by Night - B&W
Berne by Night in Black And White

last update: 29.11.17
published: 18.11.17

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Berne - Switzerland
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