Fisheye Photography

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Fisheye Photography uses special fisheye lenses. These lenses “map” the space curved and have a wide angle of view and a small focal lenght. Fisheye Gallery Fisheye Technics PictureHunting Topics

Rangefinder Photography

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Rangefinder Cameras are a own category of photo cameras: The mechanisms for selecting the field of view as well as the focussing view mechanism don’t pass the camera lens. About Rangefinder Photography PictureHunting Topics

Geotagging – Adding Position to Photos

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Geotagging is the task of assigning the geographic position (of capture), called geotag, to the photo. The position may be included in the header as Metadata (e.g. EXIF) of the digital image so that it is stored within the image.
A discussion of different geotagging methods is given…

Stereo Photography

3D-Photography / Stereoscopy welcome to the stereo photography corner of mindscaper fascination stereo photography Stereo Shows Stereo Insides Stereo Knowledge Stereo Manager PictureHunting Topics