Shortcuts About Stereoscopy (Stereophotography)

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Stereoscopy: Photography And Binocular Spatial Perception (Stereopsis) photographic technics spatial depth the viewers capabilities of depth perception (seeing with both eyes and the spatial cognition by your mind) 3 Main Steps capturing stereograms postprocessing presenting (& viewing) Capturing Stereograms spatial contrast the need of

3D-Photography / Stereoscopy in a Nutshell

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[] Stereoscopy integrates the spatial depth, the spatial perception, into photography. The spatial perception arises by viewing the space with both eyes and our brain perceives the seen as spatial depth. We see stereo due to the eye’s distance: they have lightly different viewing

3D-Fotografie / Stereoskopie kurz erklärt

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[] Die Stereoskopie bringt die Tiefe, also die räumliche Wahrnehmung, in die Fotografie.  Die dreidimensionale Wahrnehmung erfolgt durch die Betrachtung mit beiden Augen und der Verarbeitung des Gesehenen durch das Gehirn. Wir sehen stereo, weil unsere Augen durch den Augenabstand zwei leicht unterschiedliche Betrachtungsstandpunkte

How to view the 3D-Gallery?

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Viewing MindScaper’s online 3D-Gallery I. General Information about Stereoscopic Viewing Stereo Viewing II. Using the online 3D-Gallery The easiest way to view the 3D-Gallery is using Anaglyph Glasses or any other supported stereo display method (see below). On smartphones, you probably may also view