Berne Advent & Xmas Time – photos

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Let's go for Glühwein at Oscar Elch - Advent Berne
Glühwein at Oscar Elch - Advent in Berne
Candle Light Sea at Bundesplatz - Berne by Night
xmas star above minster tower berne
Xmas Lights in Marktgasse - Berne
take a seat for advent drink
Santarun Berne 2017
Santarun Berne 2017
Xmas Window Lights - Berne
Xmas Tree at Xmas Market, Berne
Xmas Arc with Minster Gate - Berne
Xmas Deco at Kreuzgassbrunnen - Berne
Xmas Light in Marktgasse and Käfigturm - Berne
Advent Evening with Xmas Lights in Marktgsse - Berne
Xmas Lights in Kramgasse - Berne
Xmas Lights in Foggy Kramgasse - Berne
Xmas Lights in Kramgasse with Simson Fountain and Zytglogge - Berne
Xmas Deco at Zähringer Fountain - Berne by Night
Xmas Deco at Kreuzgass Founatin - Berne by Night
Xmas Lights in Marktgasse at Marksman Fountain - Berne by Night
Xmas Stars at Zytglogge and Sign to Xmas Market - Berne
Xmas Lights At Burgerspital - Berne
Xmas Trees With Reindeer at Loeb - Berne
Xmas Tree at Berne Central Station
Berne Advent & Xmas Time

Snowed Xmas Tree With Heiligeistkirche - Berne
Zytglogge  With Xmas Lights - Berne
Santarun Berne 2017
Xmas Deco at Simson Fountain - Kramgasse Berne
Zähringer Fountain in Kramgasse - Xmas Lights - Berne
Simson Fountain with Kramgass Xmas Lights - Berne
Xmas Stars st Zyglogge Gate - Berne
Xmas Lights Markman Fountain & Zytglogge - Berne
Berne Minster Tower With Christmas Star
Wavy Rail Track with Xmas Lights at Käfigturm Gate - Berne
Xmas Lights at Bärenplatz with Bundeshaus - Berne
Candle Light Sea at Bundeshaus - Berne by Night
Xmas Tree at Minster Xmas Market - Berne
Xmas tree Erlacherhof Berne
Xmas Street Candle - Berne
Platzhirsch - Xmas Market Waisenhasuplatz - Berne
Justice Fountain with Xmas Deco - Berne by Night
Justice Fountain with Xmas Tree - Berne by Night

Berne Advent & Xmas Time

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