Stereo Viewing with Anaglyphs

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For reaching the 3d-experience of the stereogram, you need to see each of the images only with the corresponding eye: the left captured image with the left eye, the right captured image with the right eye.

 3d-minox parallelview stereogram
stereogram (stereopair – left and right image)

Anaglyphs are a combined overlapping representation of the left and the right image of a stereogram using complement colours for the overlapped presentation (print, screen overlap).

3d-minox black&white anaglyphs stereogram 3d-minox colour anaglyphs stereogram
stereogram (red-cyan anaglyphs – monochrom and coloured)

For viewing it, you need the corresconding anaglyph glasses. They have coloured filters in the coloures of the represended anaglyphes. They absorbe one of the images.

MindScaper Anaglyph Glasses flat MindScaper Anaglyph Glasses Standing
red/cyan paper anaglyph glasses

For a long time, a common method e.g. for printed representation, monochrom red-green anaglyphes were used; this means both images were used in black and white and the images were overlapping printed, one in green, the other in red.

Nowadays also coloured anaglyphes are made, and in digital tools, red-cyan anaglyphs mainly are the first or prefereed anaglyph representation or such anaglyph glasses are distributed.


A deficiency of anaglyphs the real true colour representations are not possible due to the colour filters: the anaglyph colours interfere, some real colours will bi filterd away or will be black in one ot the eyes …

The following anaglyphs are often used and implemented in stereoscopy software:

  • red – cyan
  • red – green
  • yellow – blue

Viewing 3d with anaglyphes is a cheep methode allowing also large poster prints.

Also the purchasing 3D Anaglyph glasses is cheep, and it is also possible to create them by your own:


last update: 11.11.2017
published: 15.08.2015

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